Ben Evans is a main character on the Disney Channel's The Lodge. He debuts in the first episode of season 1.

Ben is the outdoor adventurer and you can always find him with a tool kit as he is the “Mr. Fix It” on The Lodge. Ben is also Sean's best mate.

He is portrayed by starring cast member, Luke Newton.


Ben is kind, mature and is the grown-up of the group. He is a quite sporty and active guy, but he’s also quite sensitive. He has a strong opinion on certain things – especially things that he disagrees with or feels protective over, like his job or The Lodge. Ben is Sean's best friend from childhood. Ben lives in the moment and would like to spend the rest of his life in the rural village. He is the one that shows how Skye can make the most of every moment. His real passion is in the outdoors but he never forgets his responsibilities at the Lodge.


Ben has a light skin, brown eyes and brown hair. Ben has most of the time checkered blouses with jeans and sneakers on. Sometimes he also wears a blue beanie.