"Best Kept Secrets" is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Disney Channel's The Lodge. It is written by Scott Payne and directed by Dez McCarthy. It is the sixth episode of the series overall and premiered on October 28, 2016.


Sean and Skye discuss their relationship, but Danielle is recording their conversation. Josh calls Skye to tell her the reality show is voting for which boy she'll choose.


Skye is worried that she might hurt Ben by telling him that Sean kissed her after the race. Danielle later asks if Skye has feelings for Sean and what she thinks about Ben. Skye does not notice that Danielle caught what she said on tape and wants to put it on the show. Danielle later confronts Sean and asks him if he has feelings for Skye and he says yes. Skye tells Ben that she was kissed by Sean and then Ben becomes furious and pushes Sean down the stairs by accident and he sprains his ankle.





The episode features a total of two songs:

Number Name Singer(s)
1 Something About Me Bethan Wright (Danielle)
2 Favorite Place To Be TBA