Danielle is a main character on Disney Channel's The Lodge. She debuts in the first episode from Season 1, The New Girl. She is protrayed Bethan Wright.


Danielle is determined, imperious and vulnerable. She is a girl who hides herself behind a sweet and glamorous appearance. To further boost her image, her relationship with Sean is very important to her.

The fashion queen of the group. She is a bit of a trouble maker and she loves being the centre of attention. She always has her eye on the big picture and how she can be a success. She was Sean's girlfriend until things took an interesting turn in the love triangle between Skye, Sean and Ben.


Danielle has brown hair and brown eyes just like her mom. She has curly hair that is always good even if she goes camping. She mostly wears fancy jeans with a shirt and a jacket in pastel colors (mostly baby blue and baby pink) on it. She always wears high heels.


  • In season 2, Danielle announces she doesn’t want to be known as evil Danielle and Sean's ex.