This is my little brother, Ethan. He watches the My Amazing Life show. He's a bit of a fan.
Ben introducing Ethan to Skye

Ethan Evans is a character on Disney Channel The Lodge. He débuts in the third episode of the first season. He is portrayed by recurring cast member, Cameron King.


Season 1

Ben asked Skye to go out with him to see what he does in the Activity Center. As Ethan joins in the conversation, Ben mentioned that he is a fan of the My Amazing Life show. Ethan states that his favorite was Kaylee in which Ben suggested that it was Skye. Ethan had a confused look while looking at Ben, questioning him if he was the one that has the fan on Skye and not him, which made Ben stop him from continuing his question. Ben sets the time for the next day and heads off with Ethan with him.

Once Ben and Skye arrived, Ethan helped Skye get ready for climbing. He questioned Skye if she thinks this was a date in which Skye opposed. She explained that Ben and her are only pretending for the reality show. Ethan suggested that she should go after his brother since his past lover left him.

Ben, Skye and Ethan were now rock climbing in which Skye insisted to herself that it was a big mistake. Ethan asked her if it is fun to be the star of her own reality show, which she answered that dad wouldn't agree with it. Ethan told her what he thinks that she is pretty cool but not his favorite. Ethan stepped one foot and it suddenly fell. Skye tried to grabbed him then Ben took his weight and helped him down. When Ethan was packing to go home, Ben walked up to him and asked why it happened since he was a good climber than that. Ben suggested that it was to show off to Skye. Giving a nudge to Ben, Ethan walks home leaving Ben and Skye alone. ("Opportunities")



  • The name "Ethan" is of Hebrew origin and means "strong and firm".[1]