Did I hear that right?
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[ Theme Song ]

SCENE: Enduro. Skye and Ben entered together.

Ben: Well...
Skye: Did we qualify?
(The timer showing 02:45)

SCENE: Enduro. Racers are at the starting line.

Announcer: Riders to the start line. Please, riders to the start line.
Ben: Excuse me. Sorry, thank you.
Sean: What're you doing here?
Ben: Well, this is the start line, isn't it?
Sean: You're racing? You can't do that.
Skye: Uh, actually we qualified as the reserved team.
Jess: You're not worried about the competition, are you?
Sean: Yeah, maybe I can get injured on that thing.
Jess: So, let's win this.
Announcer: Three. Two. One. (speaker beeped) And they're off!

SCENE: Eduro Stands.

Josh: You might see the race better if you actually faced it?
Danielle: Like she's into biking.
Josh: And you are?
Alex: Gil's coming.
Danielle: Gil. This is a nice surprise.
Gil: I'm supporting Sean. I almost didn't make it. Someone's been sneaking around the lodge.
Alex: Really?
Gil: I supposed you know anything about that?
Josh: Sean's in the lead!
Gil: Oh well, good. I'll go watch him then.
Alex: Hope those bats didn't mess up your hair.

SCENE: Enduro tracks.

Announcer: And here comes Skye Hart racing well. Jess coming up on the inside. And Skye Hart had been cut off by Jess.
Ben: You ok?
Skye: Yeah, yeah I'm fine.
Announcer: And Skye Hart is back on the race here, riding strong. And she's catching up with Jess, and she's over taking her! Unbelievable!

SCENE: Noah and Kaylee watching Frankie and Rebecca.

Noah: So, how's this going to work? She's going to announce to the audience that she stole your song and you're both gonna hug and all is forgiven?
Kaylee: I know you don't trust her.
Noah: She's made it. She's big time because of your song. Why would she throw all that away?
Kaylee: Because it's the right thing to do. Just give her a chance.