You and I were always were a beautiful combination on and off the track.
—Jess flirting with Sean

Jess is a character on Disney Channel's The Lodge. She debuted in the episode Hard To Say No from season 2. She is portrayed by Dove Cameron.


Season 2

Ben was watching two racers practicing and when Sean and Skye came, he asked if it was someone they know. Sean quickly answers Ben that it was Max and Jess. Sean asked Ben how many times they have won the Enduro, in which Ben answered him "twice".

While Sean was showing Skye where to be careful on the race track, Jess joined in the conversation saying that Sean pulled her up in that race track once which she came as second place. Skye asked if the three of them know each other in which Max said that Jess almost picked Sean as her team but picked Max instead. Jess asked if Skye was his new partner in which she nods. She asked Skye another question: how long she had been biking, for which she said that she's been biking since she was 5 and this is her first Enduro. Jess somehow mocked Skye that nobody's going to expect miracles from her since it's her first Enduro.


  • In real life, Dove Cameron is dating Thomas Doherty (Sean).

Character Notes

  • It was known that Jess and Max have won the Enduro twice in a row. ("Hard To Say No")


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