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Joshua Harold Albert "Josh" Smith is a main character on The Lodge. He lives in a city in Northern Ireland where his best friend Skye Hart also comes from. He often visits the North Star Lodge to visit Skye but they also keep in touch by video-calling. Josh always has a smile on his face and will always be there for you if you need him.

Josh is portrayed by Joshua Sinclair-Evans


Josh is always happy and has a positive outlook on life. Josh tends to be quite bubbly and curious. He will always be there for you if you need him. He is a great listener and always gives wise advice to his friends. Josh has his own vlogs called "Josh Goss" where he tells the fans of My Amazing Life about the things that happens at the North Star Lodge.


Josh has light brown skin and has brown eyes and short curly brown hair. He sports a multicoloured coloured caps with a rainbow coloured top and denim jacket.



(Best female friend)

Skye and Josh have been best friends for a long time. When Skye moves to the North Star Lodge they keep in touch by video-calling. If Skye needs help with something she can always consult Josh for advice and he is always there for her.

Noah Potts

(Best male friend)

Noah and Josh always got along well and Noah was the first character other that Skye that Josh came out to. Noah was the first person Josh befriended at the lodge.

Kaylee Marsden

(Close friend)

Josh and Kaylee’s friendship was really shown to us when Kaylee was at Music School and alongside Noah, Josh was the person she called most.


  • In Help It's announced that Josh is gay. Thereby he is the first openly gay main character on a Disney Channel series. They don't specifically say the word "gay", but he says he doesn't like girls.
  • He has his own vlogs called "Josh Goss".
  • In Winning he tells Christina he is available for a spin off series
  • His favorite color is blue.


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