Kaylee Marsden is a main character on The Lodge. She is very shy but a very talented musican. Her best friend Noah, who mixes her music. Kaylee and Noah created a lot of songs Kaylee doing the lyrics and Noah mixing the music. She works in the North Star Lodge along with the rest of the crew.

Kaylee is portrayed by Jade Alleyne


Kaylee has the talent and dreams to be a singer one day but doesn’t quite believe she is good enough. She is the ultimate best friend of Noah.

After performing live on stage at The Lodge, Kaylee decides to take a leap into life in the big city, putting her singing skills to the test at music school.

Season 1


Kaylee has a light coloured skin and long dark brown hair. She has brown eyes. She has normally braids in her hair but sometimes she has it also down like when she had to perform in Reality Check. She has a stylish fashion sense usually consisting of jeans and a blouse.

  1. Relationships

Noah Potts

(Crush/Best Friend)

Noah and Kaylee have been friends since they were young for many years Kaylee and Noah hid their feelings for each over, until Noah revealed to her that he had feelings for her.

Skye Hart

(Close Friend)

Despite Skye being her boss, Kaylee and Skye become great friends. Kaylee is always helping Skye save the lodge like in the episode I’ll huff and I’ll puff she helps Skye protest about saving the lodge.


( Best Friend)

Kaylee and Danielle are close friends they get along well. In the new girl Danielle hurts Kaylee by calling her a amatur singer.


  • Kyle and Aaron have a game whereby everytime Noah says Kaylee they highfive.
  • Kaylee and Noah have known each over since a young age.
  • Kaylee is sixteen years old.
  • In series 3 Kaylee and Noah will be in music school together.
  • Kaylee is now a millionaire due to her hit song ‘watch me’


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