"Opportunities" is the third episode of Season 1 of Disney Channel's The Lodge. It was written by Matt Bloom and directed by Robert Evans. It is the third episode of the series overall and premiered on october 7, 2016 in the UK.


Skye and Ben pretend to date when Danielle thinks Skye has a crush on Sean; Skye offers Sean a part-time job at the lodge; Grandpa Patrick gives Skye her mom's diary.


Feeling guilty about having left Sean an angry voicemail and learning that his dad has cut off his allowance, Skye offers him a job. She also goes rock climbing with Ben and his brother Ethan. Ethan then 'falls' to make Ben have to come save him, in an attempt to make Ben look good in front of Skye. Ben then takes Skye to her mum's favourite place and asks her out. Skye's grandpa leaves the lodge and everybody celebrates. Angry at Skye for giving Sean a job at the lodge, Danielle reveals to her that Ben's ex, Ana, is back in town.





The episode features a total of three songs:

Number Name Singer(s)
1 If You Only Knew Sarah Nauta (Lori)
Jayden Revri (Noah Potts)
2 If You Only Knew Luke Newton (Ben Evans)
Sophie Simnett (Skye Hart)
3 Never Let You Go Cast Of The Lodge