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The relationships of Skye Hart throughout The Lodge franchise.

Ed Hart


Ed and Skye have a good connection together. Jenny died a year ago and they want to go back to the place where it all started North Star Lodge. Later Ben tells to Skye that her father wants to sell the lodge to Gil Matthews. She doesn't want this so she find a way so she can still own the lodge. Ben tells her that if she was old enough she could be the owner her mother has said. Skye tells her father that she could renovate and redecorate the North Star. Her father finds it good after long doubting. Ed doesn't wants My Amazing Life at the lodge because he thinks the guests would go away. Later he gets a crush on Christina so he wanted them not to go away. Skye tells that they have been to the tree and they go away.

Patrick North


Patrick is the granddad of Skye and the father of her mother. He is the owner of North Star Lodge but he gives it to Skye. He gaves parental permission to My Amazing Life for filming at the lodge. Ed doesn't liked this.

Jenny North


Jenny died a year ago before Skye and Ed move to North Star Lodge. Skye stays in the same room as were her mother had been living when she was young. She finds an photo of her mother but it's broken and she wants to know where the other half is. After her grandfather goes away, Skye gets stuff that has been from her mother. She gets a songbook and a diary. There she finds out where the other half is. It's SJ who's signal is also engraved on the tree. Aaron and Kyle have been looking for the treasure map. At a moment Skye asks them why they are always following her. They gave her a card from SJ and they talk together about what happened. He tells that there was a fire when he and Jenny were together and her father saved her because Jenny wanted to get her ukuelele. Samuel James is his real name. Nobody knows where the treasure map is and her father tells that it was fired back then. At the end of episode, The Choice, Danielle finds the map in the ukulele.

Sean Matthews


Sean Matthews is Skye's ex-boyfriend. skye choses Sean Matthews but it didn't work out cause she had feelings for Ben Evans

Ben Evans


Ben Evans is Skye's ex-boyfriend.