Sean: Does the city girl have a name?
Skye: Skye.
—Sean and Skye's conversation

"The New Girl" is the first episode of Season 1 of Disney Channel's The Lodge. It was written by Lee Walters and directed by Matt Bloom. It is the first episode of the series overall and premiered on September 23, 2016.


Teenager Skye heads to the family's summer lodge for the first time in ages. But when she learns her father is planning to sell it, she is determined to stop the sale.


We start with Skye and Ed driving in their car and Sean and Ben biking. Skye tells her father how excited she is to go place where her mum grew up. She calls her best friend Josh who is still in the city. Josh hears the music on the radio and tells Skye to turn it harder. Skye starts singing Starting Over, Starting Now whereby Josh sings with her. Ben and Sean bike and come to meet Kaylee and Noah and start also singing. At the end of the song Sean jumps out of the woods and makes the car to stop. Sean takes his helmet off and Sean and Skye both look into eachothers eyes. Because Ed has to stop the car instantly which, in turn, breaks the car. Sean gives Skye a ride to the lodge when he learns that her mum died a year before hand.

They arrive at the lodge where they take a selfie together. Sean tells her that the owner of the lodge isn't nice and that his family is also not nice. The owner of the North Star Lodge runs to Skye and they both hug. It turns out to be Skye her granddad Patrick. Kaylee comes uninterested behind him. Kaylee doesn't want to say anything to Skye, because she thinks that they're only here to sell the lodge.

Ben comes on his bike to fixes up the car but has an icy attitude towards Ed. All the other workers are the same towards him and Skye. It is then revealed that without Skye's knowledge her dad and grandpa were planning on selling the place.

During a game of volleyball, Sean's girlfriend Danielle reveals to Skye that Sean's dad is the one buying the place. Skye then convinces her dad and grandpa to give the North Star a makeover and keep it running until the end of summer.





The episode features a total of two songs:

Number Name Singer(s)
1 Starting Over, Starting Now Sophie Simnett (Skye Hart)
Joshua Sinclair-Evans (Josh)
Luke Newton (Ben Evans)
Thomas Doherty (Sean Matthews)
2 Believe That Jade Alleyne (Kaylee Markson)