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Scene: Skye and Ed are driving down the road.

Skye: I can't believe mum grew up here. I-I mean, why would she ever leave?
Ed: Hello?
Skye: I repeat, why would she ever leave?
Ed: Just don't get to attached to the place Skye, it's not forever. We need to at least think about your future.
Skye: Oh, yes! I've got to call Josh, he's gonna love this!
Josh: Hey Skye!
Skye: Check out that view! Great right?
Josh: I'm a city boy. Hey, how are you gonna find a boyfriend with all those trees?
Ed: A boyfriend's a thing now?
Skye: No, I just wanna fit in here.
Josh: Oh, this song is crushing it! Turn it up!

Scene: Sean and Ben are biking down a mountain path.

Ben: Have you got your headphones on?
Sean: Anything to shut you up, yeah.

Scene: Inside the car. Mountain trail. Skye, Josh, Ben and Sean started singing along with the song.

[ Starting Over, Starting Now (Skye and Josh) ]

Sean: Ben, you're not even trying to keep up.
Ben: I just don't want you to look bad.

[ Starting Over, Starting Now (Ben, Sean, Skye, and Josh) ]

Scene: On the road. Sean suddenly jumped in front of the car which made Ed stop the car and it broke down.

Skye: Hey! Are you alright?
Sean: Sorry, did I brake the car?
Ed: I have to call the break down people now.
Sean: Are you guys staying at the North Star? There's a short cut down that path.
Skye: You hear that? We can walk dad.
Ed: Let's just stay with the car.
Sean: What's his name?
Skye: I go with "dad" actually.
Sean: Dad!
Ed: Yeah.
Sean: Hi! I'm Sean. Do you know me there. I can take her, feel free to check me out.
Skye: Why would I need that?

Scene: On the road. Sean suddenly jumped in front of the car which made Ed stop the car and it broke down.

Sean: You can let go, a bit? ... So are you from the city?
Skye: Does it show?
Sean: Yeah, a bit. So, I've met dad, what's your mum like?
Skye: She died about a year ago.
Sean: Oh, I'm sorry. Does the city girl have a name?
Skye: Skye.

[ Theme Song ]

Scene: Outside the North Star. Sean dropped Skye off outside the lodge.

Skye: That was fun! Let's take a selfie. Oh, thanks!
Sean: You've got a bit of, uh. Ugh! This guy that owns the place. Hates me for hanging around cause I'm not a guest. Major buzz kill. I heard his family's all the same.
Patrick: Skye!
Skye: Hi grandad!
Patrick: Look at you! Your dad called, he should give up that car. I've sent someone to help. Come on, let's reunite you with the place.
Skye: Don't believe everything you hear.
Kaylee: Who's that?
Sean: Your new boss, I think.

Scene: On the road. Ed is still trying to fix his car when Ben appeared and helped.

Ed: Oh uh, Ben, right? There's no way you're gonna...
Ben: There's no need. I know why you're really here.

Scene: Outside the North Star. Noah and Kaylee are cleaning the front of the lodge while Sean is talking to them.

Kaylee: What are you doing here, anyway? Why don't you hang out with the enemy?
Sean: Oh, she just sent me a friend invite.
Kaylee: Wat, you are gonna reject?
Noah: She's cute.
Sean: Kaylee, Noah will you be on for the party? I might be the last one.
Kaylee: Oh, that's beyond sad.
Noah: What? Oh, Kayls it's for you.
Kaylee: Noah! No.
Sean: Wait! No, not me! No! No! Hi dad, what are you doing here?
Gil: Just business. Is this why you're too busy to come and work with me? Playing with your little bicycle again.
Sean: Oh, dad it's not playing. If I don't hit the track everyday then I won't qualify for the regionals.
Gil: You need to start thinking about your future, son.
Noah: Just how rich is your dad?
Sean: Rich.
Noah: Sean! Sean, no! Sean!

Scene: Inside the lodge. Patrick is showing Skye around the place.

Patrick: Is it how you remember it?
Skye: Actually, it's exactly how I remember it.
Patrick: We have over 60s line dancing here on Thursdays.
Skye: Ooh! And nothing says part time grandparents dancing in a row.
Patrick: It was your mum who kept it young.
Ed: Patrick!
Patrick: Ed!
Ed: This guy is like the car whisperer.
Patrick: Oh Ben basically runs the place.
Skye: Hi!
Ben: The TV needs looking out in room 6.
Gil: Please go ahead and do that.
Patrick: Uh? You get your mum's old room.
Skye: Amazing!
Gil: Ok.
Patrick: You didn't tell her yet?
Ed: I can't. She hasn't been this happy in months.
Patrick: That's Gil Matthews. He wants to do the deal today. Ed she needs to know what's going on. Gil!

Scene: Skye's room. Skye is looking around the room.

Skye's phone: It's Josh! It's Josh! It's Josh! It's Josh! It's Josh!
Josh: A future boyf?! Spill!
Skye: He's super cute. He's called Sean and we might have flirted a little bit.
Josh: Sean and Skye. Seaye, love it! You have to ask him out.
Skye: No way. I've never asked a boy out before.
Josh: Like he knows that. It's why you moved out there.
Skye: What? No get knocked back and humiliate myself?
Josh: To start again. You're more than just the girl who lost her mum.